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Dark Side Wisdom boosters (K1)

KOTOR 1 is definetly my fav game out of the two, as I enjoy the storyline so much more than K2. It may be out of date, but I still enjoy it.

I've played both LS and DS several times, but I am still a bit miffed about the total lack of Wisdom/Charisma boosting items for Dark Side characters. The Qel-Droma robes, Circlet of Sarash, and Star Forge robes are all restricted to LS, which just sucks.

Why should LS characters get all the Wisdom boosters? Why not give DS characters a chance, huh?

What I'm trying to say is, is there a mod that includes Dark Side items (robes, masks, ect)that increase Wisdom/Charisma?

If not, I'd like something like that.
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