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Well, after that little display of ineptitude and after some hormone therapy on Malak's part, he's now once again a man.

He's also fully animated:

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YouTube Video

I realize I only showed the melee animations there, but he has the rest too.


Anyway, just incase whoever comes next doesn't look at the previous page:

Originally Posted by Yours truly
I've got a few mod ideas which i'll be starting work on ASAP, one of which i'd like the community's opinion on. Basically, it would consist of a sort of 'tweak pack' for K1 which would just alter little things in the game. Only trouble is, a lot of the things it would include (from what i've got written down) have already been done by other people. So would it be worth it?

Other than that, the mod I posted screenshots of above with the Mandalorian in them went tits up, so i'm due to restart that again later tonight. I've got some files left over, so it shouldn't be too bad.
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