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Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
How very interesting...thanks for sharing all of this with me!
You're welcome.

I'll be sure to search around for a plasma cutter to toy around with.
It'll be fun.

You're a funny guy, and that was an enlightening conversation.
Well thank you for the compliment.
I like how you closed it off with visual proof. Very cool. What comic was that in?
A ...fairly recent one I'm pretty sure. Took place between ep.'s 3 &4. It's all in the delivery and presentation, good man.

You might look at the Legacy comics, which are ~130 years after the battle of yavin.

I can't say i've read much in the way of SW comics, but i'm slowly and steadily working my way through the books, I absolutely love them. Darth Bane especially, but i recently read some fate of the jedi, those were good, and i read Crosscurrent, which i really enjoyed.
Ah yes. I own and have read the Bane trilogy and couldn't agree more. Have read some of the clone wars novels. Not too interested with Luke and the new jedi order admittedly, but I suppose if one book or another came my way I'd read it.

I'm anticipating the upcoming Revan novel to see if some of my predictions were right.

I'm just sort of working on Knight Errant as I get around to it.

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