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Some of you may wonder what it actually means to be a member with the Vanguard of Justice. You could ask what exactly we do in our Role Playing. Well to answer that inquisitive nature, I will give you a short synopsis of a Campaign Story that we are currently running every Sunday.

The members of the Vanguard of Justice had been stranded on a jungle planet called ‘Coravin’. The Sith Empire seems to have some kind of vested interest in the planet and are making great pains to conquer it, though the reason for which was generally unknown.

After a few serious battles with both Sith and the planet’s own natives, the Vanguard finds themselves in a position to help liberate the planet from Sith oppression.

It was only last night (Sunday July 17th), that the Heroes began to bond with some of the animalistic natives and start taking measures to take the fight back to the Sith. To do this, the Vanguard’s heroes had to enter into a ritualistic bond with Dragon like creatures known as “Hammertails.”

In effect, those that bonded with the sentient creatures had become Dragon Riders like the Beast Riders of Dxun.

It was an intense experience to play out the bonding ritual, which had us take to the skies to learn about the individual Hammertail’s themselves. After a few barrel rolls and a some diving maneuvers, the bonding came to an end.

Soon, we will go off and finally engage the Sith forces with our new friends! Tune in to our mIRC channel to see what happens!

█▒▒▒▒▒█ Live Guild Event Announcement! █▒▒▒▒▒█

Guild Event: Live RPG Event - "The Invasion of Coravin" or Open Session
Event Time: 2:00 PM Central (8:00 PM GMT) - Sunday, July 24
Event Length: Approx. 4 Hours

Event Location: Vanguard of Justice / Star Wars Odyssey IRC Chat
(See: for details, and to obtain the pre-configured client. Registration required.)

If you already have an IRC Client installed...
IRC Network: ( Server List )
IRC Channel: #swodyssey

Timeline: The Old Republic
GameMaster: Jaidyn Kraden

Members of the public interested in joining us are welcome to attend, come see what being a Hero means!

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