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Took my cousins to see it Saturday, which was fitting since they were the reason I went to see the first Harry Potter and the reason I read the books. I have taken the three of them to every movie in the series. I'm not going to set here and type that it was the best ever just because it is the latest and greatest. In my opinion it was very good and produced a very good final to the saga of Harry Potter and Voldemort. It had enough emotion without getting overly sappy.

Most of the changes from the book I wholeheartedly support. I do wish Harry would have used the Elder Wand in the same matter he did in the book. However, the film makers kind of painted themselves in a corner that made the book ending of the Elder Wand unfeasible. Still just a small insignificant nitpick on my part. Overall it was a very good movie and a proper ending to the story.
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