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Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part IX: The Eleventh Hour

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Naboo System

Two Jedi Starfighters zipped through the Sith Blockade surrounding the planet of Naboo, expertly dodging the expected blasterfire from the Sith Waships. Recently, the rumours of the newly elected King Markath being a sympathiser for the Galactic Resistance had been confirmed, as he had personally requested their aid in breaking the Sith's hold on the planet, and if Naboo could be freed, it could spark uprising throughout the Chommell sector.

Due to the Resistance's limited resources, they could not send their fleet immediately, and instead sent Jedi Knight Kalla Kaltas and Tonatius Iazoki to assess the situation to determine its viability, and aid the local populace in insurrection if it was deemed viable.

Noticing that the Sith Warships were sending fighters after them, Kalla called out to her boyfriend, "Time for some fancy flying; we've got company!"

Mos Eisley, Tatooine

"Are you sure about this contact of yours?" Komad asked Iyav. They had heard news of unusual activity by the Sith in the past few weeks, but they couldn't gather more information without drawing the Sith's attention or getting help from outside the Resistance.

"I've been dealing with information like this for over fifteen years, dear. We can trust this guy." Iyav reassured him.

"Even so, I have a bad feeling about this." Komad commented.

"Me too." Iyav conceded.

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