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1. That only covers darkside robes, I'm looking for a hooded version of the Star forge robes, the white one.

2. That just changes armor restriction and lightsaber damage...which I'm not looking for

3. The long saber one would work....but I was kinda hoping for a generic handle

4. Still looking for the stat adjustment mod
thanks for your help
It's been a long while since I used that Revan Robes mod, but as I recall, it does affect the Star Forge robes too.

The super enhanced mod does a LOT more than what you said, though I do apologise, I sent a link to the wrong mod there, maybe this would be more to your liking:


As for the longsabers, currently the only mods with longsabers that I know of use that Malak style hilt. I could whip one up for you some time this week that uses the default hilt if you want, however.
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