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Okay, I could play through the demo now without any technical bugs

However, I did find two typos:
  • "Captian's" (The first thing Guybrush says while floating in the bumper car) should be "Captain's".
  • "Cutless" (shown when you hover the mouse over the cutlass) should be "Cutlass".

I also found two problems with the graphics:
  • Murray's sprite looks kinda weird - his eyes look more like plusses (+) than eye sockets. Check out the anti-alias section of this topic on The Spriter's Resource, it'll really help you.
  • The shading on the bumper car makes no sense. It doesn't appear to have any depth at all, but rather a gradient that goes from red to darker red.

Oh, yeah, and the problem with way too much text at once in the opening "cut scene" is still there, but you already knew that. Keep up the good work!
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