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Escape from Yavin 4 Version 1
Darrow Linder
111 MB

An excellent and complex add on levels sets for JKA, this is a wonderful adventure made by a master level maker. It is hard to find so I have included a walkthrough as some of it is quite complex, but it is well worth the effort to progress and succeed. Enjoy this classic. There is also a greatly expanded version by the same author, see below:

Place the included bat in GameData Folder along with the entire Escape file containing the pk3 file for the game. This prevents the base folder from being altered by using the mod, something that can happen with inexperienced level makers. It is always good to keep a copy of the base folder seperate from the game directory just in case.

Start and run the game using the .bat file and start a new game, also included are several save games in case you have difficulty in starting it.

Escape from Yavin 4: The Lost Maps
Darrow Linder
316 MB

This is a greatly expanded version of the original level set of 30 levels, the authour has added a huge amount of content, and a large number of additional Levels to make this perhaps one of the largest ever created Level sets for the game yet.

Darrow says: 35 levels, 150000 brushes, 25000 lines of script,
40000 entities and 3000 hours of blood and sweat..and we believe him.

There is a walkthrough included and you are encouraged to play thru the entire series in order rather than use the chapter menu to skip around as you will miss the story development otherwise.

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