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Are you all right moi chroi?

Alriana's mind was racing even as she thought of what to say to Tavaryn. She didn't know what to say to him about what she had just found out. She would try to tell him when he returned to their quarters.

I...I'm fine. I just recieved a message from medbay that had me a bit concerned. I'll tell you about it later.

Alriana hesitantly looked back at the comn panel and she tried to get ahold of her emotions. It was getting close to her duty shift and she had to report to the bridge."

She straightend out her robe and walked out the door and headed for the bridge.

Ackbar Bridge

Admiral Belina was angry.

She looked down at the console that was flickering on and off and slammed her hand down on it and this time it stayed on. She sighed as some of the anger faded away. Part of the reason she was angry was because she was being forced to work with her father, the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet. And she was begining to think that he was trying to make her angry.

Admiral Garja walked onto the bridge and looked over at Belina and then at the massive Star Destroyer that was next to them. She still wasn't used to the idea of working with the New Empire.

"Admiral Belina." Garja said quietly. "I've just recieved word, the Katarn and it's battle group managed to destroy their target but they all took heavy damage. They are now on their way back to Tython."

Belina sighed heavily. "Get a repair team together and tell them to prepare for the Katarn and the other ships."

"Yes Admiral."
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