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I dunno, I usually beat it quite well. I usually forgo the rifle and just go for the sledge. When you swing use your directional movement buttons to change how you attack. Beat the tar out of a bunch at a time. Of course if you're a tremere, you can also use blood magic... Go to the top gate first. Beat them down. If there's one or two, get them mad at you so they chase you rather than go for the gate. Head down to the other gate, swing sideways to take out more at once. Brawling and melee is where I spent most of my fighting points. Guns were a waste of time for me. Plus I always seemed to run out of ammo when I needed it lol. But I beat it almost every time with no celerity...

Yes, you can change how you swing at them...
You didn't know that?
I didn't either the first time through...

Also, Shotties for when you use guns. Go for head shots. People in Hollywood are always looking to get a new head shot

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