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Oh hey this place does still exist :3

So lately I've been making out like a mother****ing bandit.

Got this probably a month or so ago:

Playstation 3 Black Ops Bundle - $300

Best Buy had a coupon where you buy a 160GB PS3 and you got a $100 gift card, and it worked with the Black Ops bundle that cost the exact same. So I bought the Black Ops bundle, and sold the Black Ops for $40.

At the same time, Albertons (grocery store) had a deal going where when you bought $100 in gift cards you got a $20 voucher. So I bought 3 $100 Best Buy gift cards to use on the PS3, and got $60 worth of groceries free. Best Buy also had buy one get one half off new release games, so I picked these up using the gift card:

And since I needed to test my furncy new Blu Ray player that also plays games sometimes, I figured what better way to test it than with one of the best movies ever made:

About a week and a half ago. My Blockbuster got shut down due to leasing issues, which is ****ty. However, I was able to transfer to another store with my store manager that wants to promote me up, so it all works out.

It also all works out because I was able to get this sweet baby as a result of the store closing

Sony Bravia 40" KDL-41v4000 1080p HDTV - $300

Even after you add in a $100 wall mount from Costco, I am one extremely happy panda.

Fast forward to this Sunday. I had to work, but I sent my dad to Toys 'R Us after I found out thanks to deals.woot and CheapAssGamer that they had a coupon that brought Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock guitar bundle down to $14.99. This is what he brought home:

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Full Band Bundle - $14.99

He grabbed the first Xbox 360 Warriors of Rock he saw on the shelf, took it up to the register, they scanned it, then scanned the coupon that says does not work on band bundles, and it worked on the ****ing band bundle. I got a new guitar, and my little brother got his own microphone as well as drums, that I have been stealing recently because 5 lane drumming is actually pretty damn fun.

Also these random things:

Sublime With Rome - Yours Truly

This album is so ****ing great to just chill out to. Lovers Rock, PCH, and Take It or Leave It are amazing tracks.

I acquired 1600 MS points for free recently, and used 1200 on Bastion. If you have a 360, I can't recommend this game enough. From the solid isometric Action-RPG gameplay, to the gorgeous visuals, to the narrator (yes that's right, the narrator is a selling point in this game), it just oozes style.

Phew, I think that's everything. I feel a little like TiE :V

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