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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Thanks, everyone. I like the Oxford suggestion.
Visit London Eye and Big Ben as you can't go to London and not see/go to them but they are far from being the most interesting.

Cambridge is very nice too. If you're going there with friends, buy what you need to make a picnic at the local grocery , rent a punt in the evening as there are too many tourists during the day and have your picnic (beware of having too much beer/wine though or you could fall off in the river...). The train is a very good way to go here. I also liked Bath a lot. Anyway, make your pick:

If you stay there one month, you can also go to Scotland for a few days and come back through the English Lake district but in any event there is plenty to see in and around London. One month is not too much.

...and pay attention to the cars coming the "wrong" side of the road (get used to traffic before if you are going to rent a car) and when you take the tube, "mind the gap"...and keep in mind that the tube closes rather early and so do the pubs, especially for someone from Brazil

I've traveled quite a lot and think that London is actually my favorite city: it is very diverse, lots of things to see, lots of museums (history, natural sciences, arts, war, etc), lots of shows, concerts and plays, lots of pubs (stick to the beer though, not the food), food choice is also very varied in origins, shopping is great (I think it is the summer sales period as of now ) and there are districts of all kinds.

Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
england, as much as i love it, isn't much of a tourist destination.'s because you live there. I stayed in London for two months and spent some months in Cambridge as well. I never managed to get bored. .. or maybe it's just because I am from Canada...apart the countryside and landscapes, there isn't much to see here
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