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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
Yes, don't forget about the castles. You can't go to England without visting at least one castle, maybe someplace like Warwick Castle.
Warwick Castle truly is awesome, but it's definitely a bit far for Ctrl Alt Del to visit.

Originally Posted by purifier
I also remember visiting the County fair in Coventry when I was six, don't know if those are still around now, but it was fun from a six year olds perspective. Lol, also remember hearing tales of a woman, Lady Godiva, riding nude on horseback through the streets of Coventry. As a six year old kid visiting England, I never expected to hear something like that. Maybe about a dragon are two, but not about a freaky lady riding nude on horseback.
I live and work on the edge of Coventry. I don't know about County fairs, but there's the Godiva festival every year. Lots of music and such. But beyond that, thanks to some extensive mid-century remodelling courtesy of the Hitler & Goering landscaping company, Coventry is a pretty depressing 1950s concrete nightmare.

But I think that's straying away from the point of the thread just a little bit.
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