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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
Warwick Castle truly is awesome, but it's definitely a bit far for Ctrl Alt Del to visit.
Yeah your probably right, I can't remember how long the trip was, but I do remember the enormous size of the place. Imagine what that was like for a six year old from the U.S.A. to take in, I guess, as the Brits would say...I was "Gobsmacked".

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
I live and work on the edge of Coventry. I don't know about County fairs, but there's the Godiva festival every year. Lots of music and such. But beyond that, thanks to some extensive mid-century remodelling courtesy of the Hitler & Goering landscaping company, Coventry is a pretty depressing 1950s concrete nightmare.

But I think that's straying away from the point of the thread just a little bit.
Okay, you just jogged my memory a little, Astor. Now that I think about it, it was the Godiva festival that I was at. Not sure why I thought it was a County fair, unless somebody at one time tried to make a slight camparison for me. But it was definitely better than any County fair from my experience. And that probably explains were I first heard about or maybe even seen Lady Godiva. Because I could of swore I saw a woman, back then, dressed in a tight spandex suit, flesh colored, riding around on a white horse at that festival. Or maybe that was just my six year old mine hallucinating, from a caffeine high I got from all the tea I drank that day.

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