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((Is there anyway I can include Varith into the Rp? I'm a bit stuck on how to bring him in.))


"What exactly are you afraid of what he will say?"

"No..." Alriana said quietly. "I'm afraid of what could happen. For all we know the sith could attack and something bad could happen. And to be honest I'm afraid I might screw up since I'm new to the whole motherhood thing."

"Are you afraid that he will reject you?"

"No...well...maybe." Alriana said in the same quiet tone of voice. "I'm afraid that he may think differently of me. I'm afraid that he may think that I'm weaker."

"Roger that,"

Belina waited until the lift arrived at the correct deck and began quickly walking towards the room. After a short walk she arrived and looked over the council.

"I just spoke with Tavaryn, he should be along shortly."
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