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"Thank you. For reminding me that I'm usually the one that ends up saving him from going to the bacta tank and from the CMO."

Jun-la chuckled. "That's not what I was referring to but you make a valid point. Thing is he loves you with all his heart and I don't think that's about to change anytime soon."

"I was wondering...since you already have a child do you have any tips or secrets I should know about? Something that could help Tavaryn and I when the baby is born?"

Jun-la gave a slight smile before giving her answer. She then said, "There's no big secret to parenting Alriana. You love your child as much as you can, teach them right from wrong and be there for them when they have to learn to pick themselves up after they fall." She gave a reassuring pat on Alriana's shoulder. "Thing is it is always better when the parents are in on it together so I think you should find time to tell him, even if you have to drag him away from the Shinigami council. I don't doubt he'll be there for you."

Jun-la then turned the lift back on before turning around to say, "When your shift is over, I suggest you come down to mine and Matton's quarters. Meet Kaillian. She likes kind people and she hasn't met her uncle yet. How far along?"


"I just spoke with Tavaryn, he should be along shortly."

Fen'Harel, head of the Shingami council looked at the Republic admiral with polite impassiveness. He then replied, "Good. We prefer to relay our requests through the Sentinel and we have questions about his time away from the Shinigami."

Tavaryn double timed his strides towards the meeting room. Outside the door he took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. He walked in saying, "Greetings Admiral, Councilman Fen'Harel. I believe we have come together to decided on our next move?"

Fen'Harel nearly scowled at the fact the boy didn't speak in his ancestral language to address them. He spoke in Avalonian, "Sentinel you know that Shinigami secrets are kept by all. However we need to know the resistance's strength if we are to supply the difference."

Tavaryn gritted his teeth and replied in Avalonian, "How can you know if we don't speak basic?"

"By all means, spill our secrets. That has been our means of survival, your survival as your mother wanted it."

"Don't bring my family into this. They served with distinction and I acknowledge that but don't hang it over my head. If we are to take back teh Republic, we need to cooperate and work together." Tavaryn then switched to Basic and addressed Belina, "Admiral, they wish to know the strength of the resistance."

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