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Big thanks for the mod

Thanks for this mod, even it's still in développement.
I can't imagine the hard work you have to do.

I hope you will be abble to finish the mod, and you'll be one of the very rare team to have made a project that big come true (may be the Black Mesa team will beat you ^^)

I have finished all the JK/JKO/JKA series and you mod will fit perfectly in it.
Of course, I've done the original Dark Forces when it came out, and re-doing it with the JKA engine is a real pleasure.
It remind me of an era where Lucasarts were making really good games (X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Monkey Island,etc.) and really challenging one.
FPS are nowadays more more empty of gameplay...

Hope I had any skills to help you, I can only propose myself to translate in french if you need to.

Again, thanks from France guys.
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