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My AT&T U-Verse account was suspended recently due to a billing issue. Since I had auto payment, I was kind of surprised. Anyways it was about a week until I was finally able to make the call. At one point during the call, the nice lady said to me "well you can always manage your bill, online at AT& (dramatic pause...) "No mam I can not manage my account online when I have lost the ability to be online, which was the original purpose of this phone call. Remember?"


Oh and here is another...

For all of you who have AT&T, you have your account number memorized right? Yeah so it took the people at my local AT&T, an hour and a half, plus two phone calls...yes phone calls to retrieve my account number. Only then was I allowed to make a cash payment.

AT&T gets my lols for today, plus one big fat middle finger for ruining my Friday night plans.
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