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Super impressed by the demo -- it works brilliantly.

Is the second part of the intro going to be remade as well? Would be harder than the first part but would be nice to see it. Btw I always considered it a flaw that there was essential plot delivered after the credits in the CMI intro. Most people skipped the credits and missed it. I missed it for ages and wondered how Guybrush ended up in the hold.

Saw a typo in the intro... I think it was is instead of his. I forget now. Text needs to be divided up as people have said.

as far as the "to much text at the beginning" goes, i did that because those are the exact words from the game and that is the pace and flow from the original. if there are alot of people that complaint i will probably change it.
Just needs to be divided more (nothing deleted). Guybrush doesn't say all his lines in one block like that; there is more rhythm. Incidentally you capture the timing perfectly in the wally dialogue.
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