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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Try closing most of them, since they may reduce the game's performance. You can also try to report your problem to Aspyr Forums or fill a Support Ticket. Aspyr is responsible for the game's support.
I will do both. Well I can't really close most of them. I did close Intel (R) HD Grafik and Light Scribe Control Panel. Avira can't be closed completely as its my Antivirus Software it can just be switched off which I did. Catalyst can't be switched off or closed so can't Rapid Storage (control panel for my harddrive), synaptics (controlpanel for keyboard and mouse) and Audio Beats (control panel for sound). It didn't do anything for me, lag after a certain amount of time reoccured and was especially heavy during the second cut scene (when you play Vader and find the little boy) game was unplayable once I entered the training room with Starkiller.

EDIT: Right so I sent a support ticket to Aspyr and gonna post on the Steam and Aspyr Forums... I hope they still take care of business... the game still costs 20 Euro in Steam... if in the meanwhile somebody has some more advise.

EDIT 2: Does anybody know whether Aspyr still provides support at all? The Forum is basically dead and you don't even get a confirmation for a sent ticket.

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