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I'm new to this forum but I've been following this from the start and Wow...
This and about 2 other fan games on the internet are the only ones to catch my interest and this one has got me more excited, I just want to see what the barber shop would look like!

The one thing that I find wrong about the demo is probably the most minor thing, its the bottle of grog at the start. Standing up straight makes it look like its on a conveyor belt for me while in real life, a bottle at sea would be slanted.

Also I don't find a problem with the text at the beginning I can read it all at my own pace. Split it up would (judging you were going on the same text speed) make it go twice as slow which would put the text out of sync with the music and you would have to rework the music.

thats my thought anyway, keep it up
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