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I loved all three, However i was a little upset how slow moving The Phantom Menace was compared to the other 2, I do enjoy going back and watching the first three movie's on a rainy day or when I just want to relax.

The Phantom Menace, I thought it could have had more to offer, I don't feel it was the film it should have been, Kind of like watching the last three when the special edition came out, The new footage added more to the film, Even if it was only a couple of quick screen shots.

I wished that it explained how young Vader became a slave on Tatooine, That way we could see just exactly where the seed had been planted for him to betray the republic and later become the powerful man we seen being made.

But overall the biggest thing that bothered me was, Boba Fett wasn't a actual Mandalorian, So why did we see him wear the armour like he was one, As far as we know, Jango Fett is from the planet Concord Dawn?

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