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Here is what I want in a The Force Unleashed III:

-Tie the game into episode IV

-Bring back jawas, rodians, ugnaughts, imperial royal guards (red), rancors

-add new star wars creatures like tusken raiders, mynock, wampas, the beast that tried to eat R2 in episode V, krayt dragons, transdoshans, and bothans

I want to play in Tattoonie, Hoth, Dagobah, Endor and bring in Dantoonie. We heard leia tell tarkin and vader a rebel base was their in episode IV. Make the rebel base at that location.

No more droids! Killing a few droid enemies is ok but in the sequel it was repetitive. I loved taking on the different types of imperials like imperial officers, scout troopers, stormtroopers, imperial royal guards.

I would like to take on boba fett! Boba fett is suppose to be an expert jedi killer. I would like to see yoda play a role in maybe training the light side to starkiller. Maybe Maris Brood finds her way there and yoda is helping her when starkiller visits. Maybe starkiller convinces her to change her ways and she joins the rebels.

Maybe if they make an endor map they can bring the beast from the Ewok TV special from the 1980's has a boss level. I am not sure what the creatures name is. The battle for Endor Tv special. I remember watching it on tv.

Add Tie Interceptors and Tie Bombers trying to kill starkiller.

Why not take on an AT-AT Walker!!

"You Rebel Scum"

"Wipe them out, all of them"
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