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TPM, 7/10

phantom menace: 7/10 stars

what i liked then:
special effects. huge improvement on the original trilogy. good combat sequences, good landscapes and scenery.
pod race. nuff said.
qui-gon jinn. possibly my favorite character in star wars, after obi-wan kenobi.

what i hated then:
yoda. i have always hated that muppet, and what you said, darth groovy, really struck a chord with me. so annoying.
sebulba. i dont know if i hated him or loved him. or if i loved to hate him. every time i saw him break that little thing off of anakin's pod before the race i just wanted to wring his neck.

what i like now:
storyline. i was young when i first saw phantom menace, so i mostly watched it for the action. but now i realize what a good plot it had; it really set the stage for AOTC and ROTS (which was really the climax of the saga, not ROTJ).
qui-gon jinn. still probably my favorite EVER after obi-wan kenobi.
sebulba. same reason as stated above. sebulba still pisses me off, but i realize that i dont really hate him, i just... well yeah i guess i hate him, but its more of an enjoyable hatred these days. TPM wouldnt be the same without him.

what i hate now:
yoda. still cant stand that puppet. his eyes creep me out.
nemoidians. same reason i hate yoda, i just never realized before. their lips look so fake when they speak.
jake loyd. he was no good, but ive come to expect bad acting from child actors, and i guess you cant blame them... theyre inexperienced by their very nature, after all.
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