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AOTC, 4/10

attack of the clones: 4/10 stars

what i liked then:
arena scene. those animals were COOL. the acklay, the nexu, and the reek were very well done. my favorite always used to be the reek, but these days i lean toward the nexu. that thing is awesome.
dooku. cool villain. and his lightsaber is badass.
yoda. HUGE improvement on TPM. HUGE.

what i hated then:
obi-wan's hair. i know it sounds trivial. but that was a stupid haircut. a really stupid haircut. what was he thinking...?
the acting. baaad acting. hayden christiansen was awful. natalie portman wasnt too great either. and since they were pretty much the main focus of the film, it was just... you know, bad.

what i like now:
cinematography. great fight scenes. great fight choreography for dooku vs anakin and obi-wan, and dooku vs yoda. awesome arena fight with jedi vs droids, and mace windu vs jango fett.
scenery. kamino, geonosis, coruscant (zam wessell chase? suh-wEEEt!). love em all.

what i hate now:
padme/anakin focus. too much development of anakin and padme's relationship. they should have focused more on the story of THE CLONE WARS.
pace. too slow-paced for me. the action scenes were good, but there werent enough of them. i know they were trying to develop "padmenakin" but like i said, i didnt much like that either. more clone stuff please.

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