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ROTS, 10/10

revenge of the sith: 10/10 stars

what i liked then:
plot. easily my favorite plot of all 6 star wars films in the saga. a true masterpiece. perfectly tying in the prequel trilogy and everything leading up to it into the tragic vader story.
palpatine. best villain ever? possibly. can you think of a villain who is more of a genius? think about his entire plan that he executed to absolute PERFECTION. he freakin' took over the galaxy and wiped out the entire jedi order in one smooth, seamless, swipe. GENIUS! and evil. very evil.
yoda. yoda? YODA? ROTS was easily his best movie. what a fricken badass. nuff said.

what i hated then:
order 66. i couldnt stand watching all those jedi die. but these days i am mature enough to know that the entire plot would have been shid if they hadnt. it was essential. but still sad.

what i like now:
obi-wan's hair. much better
scenery. mustafar, kashyyyk, coruscant, and all those other places they only showed briefly during the execution of order 66. wow.
plot. still my favorite. EVER.
wookiees. nuff said.

what i hate now:
still not much. i give this movie a 10 out of 10 rating for a reason. easily my favorite one of the whole saga.

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