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At that, Komad and Iyav drew their weapons, alerted to the trap they had found themselves in.

"Think carefully, Jedi. I own this cantina, and everyone here knows it. You could strike me down, but can you fight your way out? And even if you can, are you really willing to kill so many?" Doran asked. "I'll make you a deal, Iyav. Your husband stays with me, I hand him over to the Sith, and you take the intel I gave you back to the Resistance."

Komad chuckled, "You obviously know who I am. Do you honestly think I can't fight my way out without killing anyone?" He asked.


"Focus on outrunning them, and pick off any that get too close." Kalla instructed. "R7, see if you can find us a secluded spot close to Theed where we can land." She then told the astromech droid connected to her fighter.

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