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Here are some ideas:
- make the game decent, don't rush it, don't just make it for the money!!!
- find a decent and dependable company to make it and give them plenty of time (Bioware!!!!)
- make sure to port it right or develope it for the PC seperately
- give everybody that bought the crappy first and second part a discount of 25%!
- make it into a KOTOR III because that's what the people really want to see! The action is fine and so is the use of the force powers but really set the tone and develope it into a fully fledged action rpg by which I mean: top class hack and slash action and top class rpg not an rpg for the dumb and lazy. Use the morale system of KOTOR as well as the tactical depth of Mass Effect but the action of Jedi Outcast...
- move the timeline: either give us the old republic that we have been craving for or the Jedi Knight III we wanted but make it an rpg at heart
- let us be a proper Jedi: let us live the life of a Jedi: get discovered by Luke or Kyle or the Exile, give us 2-4 hours of proper Jedi training... like Fable or similar... learn to use the force in incredible difficult minigames with the goal of just moving a pen by using the force so that at the end of 4 or 5 hours of training you feel an incredible accomplishment when you are finally able to force jump 3 metres or lift a heavy stone, than let us serve the Exile or Kyle on some strange missions until we are ready to take on our own apprentices and THAN let the game truely begin and give us another 20-40 hours of gameplay time depending on how many sidequests we choose. If it's the old Republic timeline let us meet Bao Dur and Atton Rand as well as Visas and Mical and see the rebuilt Jedi Council chamber
- even if it's gonna be completely different just PLEASE, PLEASE make a decent, enjoyable, well ported, technically sound game that puts the Arts back in LA and sets the tone in its genre for 5 to 10 years like KOTOR did... and don't just make crap for the sake of getting another 100 spotty youngsters hooked...
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