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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I don't think that's an accurate statement. Besides, if they make it a KotOR III or an RPG (which they won't), it wouldn't be TFU III.
No? Well I would say so... KOTOR and TSL are 7 years old... look how many copies they are still selling even though you can barely get them to work in Windows 7. Look how many mods are out and are still out, look how active the forum is here and on other websites.

Than watch TFU... close to dead here and everywhere, no mods, no community... even JK JA and JO still have a larger fanbase... why do you think that is? Why do you think TFU III got officially scrapped and why do you think the staff for the game got fired? Sorry to say this but if you would open a poll the games that people would want to see again would be: 1. KOTOR (offline) III 2. Jedi Knight III 3. Empire at War 4. Star Wars Lego 5. TFU III...
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