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"Around a month and a half. I wonder what Tavaryn will say when he meets Kaillian. And I wonder how he'll react when she calls him uncle."

Jun-la shared a smile with Alriana. She then said, "You want the truth? He's an old softie when it comes to children. You met Murasaki. While we are cousins, they are more like uncle and niece. He practically taught her how to use her fists. They are close. As for you, seeing Kaillian will be good practice for you."

"I wonder how Admiral Belina will react when I tell her that I'm going to need maternity leave in a few months."

Jun-la walked with Alriana. She replied, "Well she'll either be overjoyed at a baby or overly pissed she's losing her chief of security... or both. Either way, she'll take it out on Tavaryn since it is, to quote generally, his fault." She then laughed remembering a similar situation with Matton.


"If I missed anything feel free to add it."

Tavaryn replied, "I've nothing to add Admiral." He then turned towards the council and said, "As you can see the resistance is limited. May I remind you that the Jedi are not exactly welcome and have been hunted. It is the duty of the Shinigami to watch and protect the Jedi."

"I am well aware of that Sentinel," Fen'Harel replied, "Funny that you mention duty to watching and protecting since you have not exactly been doing that."

"I beg to differ. Currently there are three Jedi on board and I have fulfilled my duty," Tavaryn replied. He then muttered in Avalonian, "Duty that has not been foresworn."

"Something to discuss later," Fen'Harel replied in Basic. He then said to Belina, "Seeing as these are desperate times Admiral, we are in the process of recalling all our shinigami that are scattered across known and unknown space. This should bolster forces significantly and I am sure that the Avalonian fleets are preparing as well. It is a known practice to withdraw from tyrant regimes. Avalon did when the Empire was born."

Tavaryn shifted on his feet. "This is true Admiral. Avalon may not be perfect but they always stand true to the ideals of democracy and freedom of choice."

Fen'Harel looked at the Admiral, "I hope that this resistance succeeds Admiral."


"Focus on outrunning them, and pick off any that get too close."

Tonatius grinned and teased, "Always so bossy moi chroi. If we need to make a break for the surface, I suggest the swamps. We can hide our energy signatures much more easily and we do have friend in the swamps." He then banked to the right to mislead the fighters. He flipped over and got behind one and targeted it, sending it into oblivion.

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