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He's Come Back

Post KOTOR: In an odd twist it is Revan that has to wait for her love's return.

The piece flows very well, a little slice of life with a mother handling her sick daughter on just another day; until Carth shows up. It looks to be an interesting tale from here on.

KOTOR Version 2-Revan's Soldiers, Sith Triumvirate-Chapter 1-New Names
Hitokiri Akins

Post Mandalorian Wars: Revan chooses the first Sith Triumvirate

The piece has an air of foreboding that is well done. The idea that he has not yet slipped to the dark side is suggested over and over, and being the only one who realizes the threat of the Ancient Sith helps push the story along. It looks good so far, and I wish I had time to read all of it.

Pick of the Week

Price of Power RevanOrdo

KOTOR on Korriban: The relationship between Yuthura Ban and Uthar seen from their own views.

The piece flows very well, the internal dialogues well done. You can see the Sith master/apprentice relationship clearly.

Pick of the Week

[url=] Maps and Directions [/Steak, Eggs and Honor]

KOTOR Aboard Ebon Hawk enroute to Dantooine

The piece starts off with what must have been Bastila's worst day since the adventure began. It immediately goes down hill from there as she tries to coerce Canderous, upset that he thinks she's drooling over his physique, and her mental comment that the only thing o Revan's mind right now is what color to paint her toenails. It is riotous and funny.

Pick of the Week

Armour is a Mandalorian's Best Friend
Bald As Malak

Set in both KOTOR and TSL: Canderous has two private duels, and while he loses one 'engagement', he wins the other.

Using personal relationships described as military ones is an old thing, but this is well done. Describing his hands as light infantry assaulting the hills, his field artillery, the body from hills to a bunker, all fit and are amusing.

Pick of the Week

The Annual Ebon Hawk Pazaak Tournament

Aboard Ebon Hawk, combined crew: Having found a file by the same name, the Exile and Mission decide to rewrite some of the rules

The piece is funny with the old rule being mentioned, and sometimes being rewritten as they go through. Some of them are logical; not allowing droids to play if their master is also playing, not allowing Jedi because they are too stuffy. Some are merely joking, Wookies are not allowed to play because they will rip people's arms off was rewritten that no one was allowed to pull off any appendages. The fourth rule, stating that pilots must use Nar Shaddaa rules (Strip Pazaak) was almost the Exile's downfall until rule one (No Jedi) was invoked.

Star Wars Battlefront

SWTCW: The battle Geonosis revisited

The biggest problem was you needed to reread and edit, and check grammar. Words such as there will pass an automatic spell check but when you meant their (Their force attacks) and where (When you meant were) disrupt the flow and cause the reader, want to reach for a pencil, even if they are not critics.

Basically a generic retelling of the battle at the start, though from the point of view of Mace Windu and Yoda.

Over Pazaak Cable Fraga

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: A game does not really mirror life, regardless of what Atton thinks...

The piece flows very well, and the idea that maybe both he and the Exile want a relationship does not preclude the idea that each also has their own definition of it.

Doubt Bald as Malak

Pre TSL: A last meeting between the Exile and one of the Jedi Council.

The piece flows very well; the break in the force very well defined. Worth the read.

Pick of the Week

Ghosts of the Past Prometheus71

Mandalorian Wars at Malachor V: The events as the Generator are activated.

The piece is a generic retelling with the generator on the planet rather than in a ship which is the way I had done it. The description of it's effect was well done.

Falsities ElenaTheHun

Plot Bunnies: Different pairings of our old favorites

As she herself said, these do not fit the canon, yet are cute ideas. Juhani as a Mercenary, Mira as both Canderous' daughter and the new Mandalore, Atris as one of the soldiers during the war.


TSL After Nar Shaddaa: A view of a slave's life with a unique character

Having read other work of CBs I had always wondered who Sloe was. This piece is a good explanation, and the backstory fills in the character nicely.

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