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((Next Chapter))

As Shiyra looked around Jolee's hut, she couldn't help but notice that he had the oddest sense of decoration she had ever seen. Odd statues were sitting on a small table and much to her suprise she could see a small medal hanging from a wall. She walked over to it and took a quick look at it and she had trouble believing her eyes.

The Cross of Glory? Thats the highest award that can be given out! I can't help but wonder how the old man got it.

Unknown to Shiyra, Jolee had been watching her as she had examined the award. He walked up behind her without making a sound.

"See something interesting?" He asked. He took a quick look behind him to see Mission and Zaalbar chatting with Juhani who was holding Ariana and was gently rocking her to sleep.

"Well...yes." Shiyra said as she continued looking at the medal. "I hope I don't offend you but I was just wondering how you got that. The Cross of Glory is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a person."

Jolee sighed and looked at the medal, as if he was thinking of something that he would much rather not talk about. Shiyra was about to tell him that he didn't have to talk about it but then he raised his hand.

"Don't worry, your going to hear the story and it's better to get it out of the way now."

Jolee smiled sadly as he looked over the medal and an old fashioned photo that was on another small table. "I think you've heard about the jedi civil war. The war that brought the Jedi into the war between Revan's Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. We managed to win but at a terrible cost. By the end of the war only a hundred or so jedi remained."

Jolee picked up the medal and bowed his head. "That's where I got the medal from. I was part of the group that fought to bring Darth Malak down. In fact, I was on the Starforge when Revan managed to defeat Malak. After the battle we were all awarded the Cross of Glory for our actions.""

A single tear dropped from Jolee's right eye as he looked up at the picture. Shiyra followed his gaze and saw a few familiar faces in the picture. Mission, Juhani, Zaalbar and a few unfamiliar faces. As she looked closer she recognized a woman wearing jedi robes who was holding a double bladed lightsaber.

"You traveled with Bastila Shan?"

Jolee nodded. "Yeah...For a short time after, we all stayed together and that was the happiest time of my life. I had spent a long time in the shadowlands and I was happy to travel with everyone. But then...everyone was forced to go there seperate ways. Bastila was recalled to the Jedi temple on coruscant, Juhani decided to travel the galaxy, Canderous just left one day and I never saw him again. The others just left like Canderous did."

Shiyra put her hand on the old man's shoulder as he continued looking at the picture.

"Around five years later, I tried to get back into contact with the other jedi, I had decided that I could teach others what I had learned. They told me I was to meet them on Katarr. It's a good thing that I didn't make the last shuttle. Something managed to wipe out all life on Katarr. I assumed that Juhani and Bastila had died on Katarr so I decided to just travel. Just go where the solar winds took me."

"So how did you end up on Manaan? It doesn't seem like the best place to hide. As I recall, there is only one city there."

"To be honest, I needed to fix my ship up. I was low on fuel and my hyperdrive was nearly shot. I ran into Juhani in a bar in Ahto city and to make a long story short, we managed to tick off a group of mercenaries and we ended up having to steal a ship, but thats another story for another time."

"We decided to hide out on Kashyyk and we've been here ever since. I have to say though, I was alone for many years before the jedi civil war and I don't want to be alone, not ever again. I'm glad that I managed to find Juhani."

"I don't blame you." Shiyra said quietly. I wandered the galaxy by myself for nearly five years and I have to say it felt horrible. I felt much better when I managed to find others who wished to travel with me."

Shiyra turned to look at Ariana who was now sleeping soundly in Juhani's arms. Shiyra turned back to look at Jolee and was about to offer more words of comfort when she suddenly felt a disturbance in the force...something that chilled her to the bone. Jolee looked up from the photo and nodded. "I can feel it too. it sounds like your friend up on the surface is busy."

Shiyra didn't respond. She could feel it: Mical was somehow becoming stronger...she could feel his cold satisfaction as she felt his strength increase.

She looked over at Juhani who was looking down at Ariana who was starting to shift uneasily in her sleep.

Shiyra grabbed for her lightsaber to make sure that it was on her belt. "I think we need to leave. Now."

Upper Levels of Kashyyk

Mical had managed to regain the use of one of his legs. Every step that he took was agony. He could feel the force flowing through him, healing him, giving him the energy he needed to get to his ship.

After a few minutes of walking, he finally saw his ship sitting on the walkway. He smiled darkly as he reached his hand out and pulled the hatch open. He sat down in the pilot's seat and entered a code that opened a small hidden hatch.

It looks as if I will finally be forced to use this, he thought as he pulled a small black pyramid out from the compartment.

Mical held the object in his hand and began to focus on the pyramid, letting the darkside energy that had been stored in the artifact heal him even as he began to shake and shudder as the pain from the healing began to affect him.

Mical shouted out in pain as he began to feel his broken leg's bones began to knit at an accelerated pace. Cuts and bruises began to quickly disappear. He could feel the amount of pain increasing as more and more of his body healed. He struggled to focus his energy into closing the pyramid.

Can't...let this continue! He thought as the pyramid began to close. He sighed in relief as the pyramid finally closed.

It was so good of the jedi on coruscant to leave this in the temple. Mical thought darkly as he placed the pyramid back in the compartment.

Just a few minutes and I will begin the hunt once again, he thought with dark satisfaction.

((Please let me know what you think of the sith pyramid device. I might have future use for it if you want to see it again.))
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