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finally realeased.
thanks for sith holocron for all the concerns.
download the inyri forge's darth maul mod for k1 too
and compare the skin with mine.

thanks to inyri forge i was be able to release my first little skin mod.

last word, my explaination on my darth maul skin.
sorry that i made the skin that looks like the inyri forge's darth maul.
but is it possible to make it look different from inyri's darth maul skin?
there is one darth maul in the star wars universe. so attempting to make another
darth maul skin can cause people to say that ''does it awfully similar to the other mod?''
it is natural. so i wont blame for doing that.
anybody could say that. (i said to someone like that once. and she kicked my email forever.. )

why i use the bald head is darth maul = bald head.
he has no hair you know

the people who do the skin know the answer.
every head has the different structure. eyes their and teeth their ....
what if putting skin to tsl override folder changing the black head?
if you play the game the teeth will be displayed in eyes. and ears will be nose.

so i made concept art. and scanned the image to make my own skin.

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