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It's good to see new members to Lucas Forums, and humbling to know that it is interest in our mod that inspired them to join. Welcome

Thanks to everyone for their input about Bastila. I haven't been able to make any changes yet, but I will consult with VarsityPuppet soon.

In the meantime, I haven't been idle. I actually got a chance to work on some characters this weekend. A while ago (years? sigh), I saw some of the supposed concept art for Kotor III. I have always hoped to work some of these concepts into RoR, since this mod is an unofficial K3. In the art was a rugged, tired looking man wearing a greenish and orange uniform. Recently, Logan asked me for a Czerka contact, one that will have missions for your party member who was a Czerka emplyee. So, I set about adjusting a head texture, and tweeking the standard Czerka officer uniform. I don't know what the name of this concept character was going to be (the image was saved with the name Star-Wars_vargas_08.jpg), but I'm guessing "Vargas" until someone can prove me wrong (see this thread). It's a good starting point for a name, at any rate.

Logan also asked me for some characters to wear Dark Jedi robes like Cain Thrall. I decided to modify some Trandoshans (rather than more humans), and here they are.

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