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@EliteDuck: Already done that and it didn't change a thing so I've undone the patch again and honestly I don't really see how the resolution would affect that anyway.

@Q: Yes I have like I said: I already tried disabling the option, if I do that I can not even move the cursor anymore and it's stuck to the upper left corner of the opening menu, while with the option enabled I can move the cursor but can't click. No I haven't since I only own one USB mouse but I will try and borrow one and post the results.

EDIT: @Q:YOU BROKE MY GAME!!! Well now the game always crashes to the taskbar. Here is what happened:
- Hardware mouse is enabled: Mousecursor moves and can terminate Intros, game successfully loads the game menu but it is not possible to click on anything
- Hardware mouse diabled: possible to terminate Lucas Arts and Bioware intros by clicking, game successfully loads the menu BUT cursor won't move

After changing the mouse:
- Hardware mouse enabled: game starts but even without clicking to terminate the intro the game crashes to the taskbar where it continues to run after the LucasArts Intro is done, when terminating the LucasArts intro by clicking the mouse the same happens --> this happens since I changed my Logitech mouse to a Microsoft mouse like Q suggested but it now happens no matter if the Microsoft Logitech mouse are in use and it also happens if I use my laptop's mousepad.
- Hardware mouse disabled: 80% the same like enabled, first intro loads but after that (without trying to terminate the intro by mouseclicking) crashs to taskbar and the game needs to be terminated via taskmanager, 20% without trying to terminate the intro by mouseclicking it cleanly runs through, the Bioware intro starts and runs through and the game actually makes it to the ingame menu but of course the cursor won't move.
--> Both of these things happen with my Logitech mouse, My Microsoft mouse and my Mousepad(Laptop) so I personally don't think suggesting to change the mouse a third time will help .

EDIT: If anybody else has this problem and is reading this than please register and post as well... it might actually help to get more info from different systems! I know I am not the only one with the problem as there have been at least 4 users on the steam forum who posted the same problem but nobody ever bothered to try and help them.

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