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techniques for jedi knight jedi academy

guys i found an awesome way to beat the reborns, jedi master(in case u decide to turn dark), and reborn masters. this techniques works on the new tavion as well( that is before ragnos corrupts her body).
first u will need:
-grip level 2 (i recommend level 3),
-blue stance (fast slicing and dicing does some good damage).
so what happens is in the end the enemy will be "defense less" for a short time, enough time for u to finish him(the enemy) off.
step 1
Equip the blue stance. Make sure ur not on ledges, since u will be pushed around make sure to stay of ledges.
step 2
grip the enemy and press the speed button simultaneously, i assigned the speed to shift button. press the grip button first though.
step 3
let go of shift(speed button) but keep on pressing the grip button, until the enemy uses force push on u to break the grip(which will not be long in jedi master difficulty because the enemy has outstanding reflexes.) then just hack him to pieces.

note: here is the fun part since ur in speed mode u will recover from the force push quickly but the enemy has not yet activated speed button so it will take him much longer time to recover until that he(the enemy) is "defense less". which will give u ample of time to attack the enemy. i recommend u use the blue stance for fast attacks u don't have to worry about being countered because the enemy is standing still.
i am telling u this thing works on pretty much every one except kyle and tavion( after ragnos corrupts her body) and after wards u still have some force points to use as a back up.

side effects
1. some times the enemy will use force push even before u have a chance to grip them in this case u will have to repeat the process again. remember don't go attacking,because the enemy is not stunned and wont take much time to counter.
2. stay of ledges and if u cant avoid the ledges make sure there is a wall behind u before u execute the move to protect u from falling.
3.some times it will take u longer time to recover, when this happens use force pull u will shake of the recovering animation.
4. care should be taken when dealing with multiple enemy's. even though it works on multiple enemy's, u should move around a bit to avoid being attacked by the other enemy. or if ur uncertain use force protect that will take care of ur problem.
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