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I like the additions to the various cityscapes, window shots etc, the only scene addition I dislike is the new musical Number in Jabba's Palace... the Original was much Better, Puppet Sy Snootles included

While I'm here...

Sarlacc has a Beak, Jabba's Palace Musical, Han moving awkwardly to avoid Greedos blaster burst, Luke Screaming when falling from Bespin antenna (Fixed though in 2004 edit), CGI Jabba hanger scene, Lightsabers not fixed.

New celebration scenes and Music at the end of ROTJ, Ghost Hayden (Continuity), "Women with conjunctivitis" Emperor Palpatine Holo replaced with Ian McDiarmid in ESB, new Eisley entrance CGI, new window scenes in cloud city walkways... All I can remember up to now, been a while since I watched em all

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