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"I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that. It's good to know that he likes children."

Jun-la smiled back before sobering slightly, "Like my father, he has never had what you would call a normal childhood but it is a blessing that he has retained the goodness in his heart. Besides I think you should know that sometimes children born to Shinigami parents are raised within the order so he has had plenty of practice."

"I don't plan on putting this child up for adoption or anything. If she gets angry about the baby then she'll have to deal with it."

Jun-la laughed at that, "Oh I think she'll be happy. It's the Admiral talking when she gets pissed. I think Tavaryn figured that out long ago which is why he likes to make her madder by laughing at her."


"I have a feeling once we are all united that we'll stand a decent chance of beating the sith back to where they came from. As we speak, I have a team going over data that that resistance managed to steal."

Fen'Harel looked at the admiral with a modicum of respect. He nodded and said, "It surprises me how well your operatives work in the field. I've had interesting reports about your famous Alpha Team. If I am not mistaken, they have a most unusual talent of stealth, not unlike our own operatives." He gave a knowing smile towards Tavaryn who merely shrugged his shoulders.

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