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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
sorry for being so late to the party here.


the illumaniti.

No, no, no...that's not possible. Laura Croft destroyed most of the Illuminati members in the Tomb Raider incident, remember?

It was your buddies, NASA. They found out about a large group of people working in the Twin Towers that day, with the help of remote viewers, who were about to reveal the truth about the fake moon landing. So they asked the HAARP project team to secretly tune HAARP's frequency into controlling the minds of poor Muslim extremist into taking over the planes. Therefore, NASA gave instructions to HAARP to program the minds of these poor Muslim extremist, who where about to become peaceful muslims before this happened, into crashing those airplanes into the Twin Towers. They did all this because they know you know, that they didn't put a man on the moon. But if the truth ever came out, they didn't want you to be able to say "see...I told you so."

Stick to your convictions, man, don't let NASA get away with it!

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