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Originally Posted by DrakeStoel View Post
In the opening scene when Guybrush is talking about LeChuck, there's a typo. It says "is" instead of "his". Also, I recall when trying to talk to the hook in the original game, Guybrush says something like "It's not a toothpick", and also in the original, you could try to give Murray back his arm, or have you just not gotten that far yet? Anywho, keep up the most excellent work
Yeah, I haven't gotten to that yet, I am defiantly working towards it though. My time has been somewhat divided here of late, so progress is kind of slow. Though all of the encouragement helps.

@MusiclyInspired: how is the music coming along?

@Alex IDV: I am most definitely using your version of the bumper car in the next release!

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