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Originally Posted by Elite Duck View Post
The first Fable game that I played was Fable II so my opinon of the series is that there more of a sit back and relax with your mates without worrying about difficulty. I suppose original Fable players wouldn't see it that way because they've been deprived of something they liked to begin with. The PC version of Fable 3 does at least try to fix that (admittedly poorly) with: "improved enemy A.I., increased enemy attack damage and the removal of a regenerating health system".

I think that Fable: The Journey has COMPLETELY ruined every aspect of the game. It's not an RPG anymore, it's an embarrasing mock-up. It's like putting Halo on the Wii!
I agree with that. In their quest to appeal to the casual gamer, Lionhead appears to be alienating a large portion of their fan base. The move to Kinect is akin to removing the challenge, IMO. The demo at E3 looked pretty, but it raised concerns with many fable fans, myself included.
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