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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Some top notch and smeeeeexy stuff here!

Let's just hope KotOR is friendly when you try to get them in the game!
I wouldn't count on it
I'm certain I'll be cursing on the darn thing for being so stubborn on messing up my models.

In other news; me and Darth Insidious had a very productive chat session on Skype. I asked Mr. Insidious for some help and if the idea I had for this mod was worth persueing till the end.

So we threw around a few ideas. The basic outline, my idea, was good enough, just the further details needed more attention. I wasn't certain where to go with it all, to form up a decent "story".

Rest assured this will not be your typical SW Jedi fan written hogwash. Out with the Force and the hocus pocus, mystical stuff. In with the guns, bounty hunters: scoundrelss and smuggelrs.

I won't be spilling to much details this early on. As I've now have a ruff version of the plot. A ton of details still remain very vague. Well except the tapes, with the Twi lek p*rnzor are essential to the plot... but I'm runn'n ahead to much.
Names, dialogue all that jazz. But I've got enough to know what needs to be modelled and the scale things need to be.

Anyway, enough of this babbleling. Time for some quick rendershots. Letting the club module rest for a bit. Don't feel like doing texture making. So I started a street section. Infact I consider it to be the "heart" of the mod. This area will link allmost other areas together.

Have a peak:

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