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XSI Exporter 3.0 for Max 5

Hello guys, I have changed my OS to Windows7 and I've saved all my models but poor of me I have not saved the max plug-ins...

I need the XSI Exporter 3.0 for Max 5

The problem is that now I can't export my models to XSI from Max. Changing to SoftimageXSI is not an option since the model I want to export is already weighted and I don't have the motivation to re-weight it again. I have googled for the plug-in but nothing, in there are 2 plugins but are not the one I need. In psyk0s webpage there isn't an XSI Exporter for Max5, only Importers.

I know the file exists, but I hope I wasn't the last man on earth with it. Please if someone still have it or knows where to find it and is kind enough to upload it or telling me where let me know! Thanks a lot.

~JA MP Total Conversion~
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