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The legal system will probably respond by sentencing him to 21 years, however, this is only technically the maximum sentence. For people with a high risk of reoffending, they can be, after a long review, sentenced to another five years. This can happen technically indefinitely, however, no one has yet been kept that long. He can also be sentenced to 30 years for crimes against humanity (because he targeted a spesific group) however, that can only give him 30 years, so they'll have to give him 21 if they want the opportunity to prolong his sentence). So when he gets out could be anything from 10 years to never.

And we damn well won't change our constitution because of one incident ( as an example, a facebook page intended to gather support for it ended up with 80% voting against introducing the death penalty). Hopefully, we won't change our society at all, and I'll still ocasionally see the PM riding his bike to work.

Astor: Maybe, but I honestly think it was done more to make him a war hero of a war he believes will come. He also explicitly states (in some of the saner sections) that he believes it could change society more towards his liking (like re-introducing the death penalty). All in all, however, I think he had several (in his mind) good/main reasons for doing what he did, yet the one thing that he seems obsessed with, from begining to end is his own superiority.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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