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Originally Posted by JekRendar View Post
Hello again!

Yeah, TOR definitely is shaping up quite nicely.

By the way, did any of you ever return to SWG over the years? Starsider has the largest population, because of server transfers (started with RPers and pilots, then PvPers). I don't play anymore. It's still a great game, don't get me wrong, but, meh, things have slowed down considerably over there.

The good news is that space player bounties made it into the game.
Return? How about never left. And Yes, space player bounties are pretty cool. I have been doing a number of them on Eclipse as we have a Saturday night PvP for 0's in Deep Space. However, as you all may or should know by now, SWG is being shut down as of December 15th, 2011.

There are many that have been putting 2+2 together and noticing that the answer = LA is closing down SWG to assure a proper financial income for TOR. Now many rumors abound concerning this, but as information leaks week after week, this scenario has become more and more evident. And being lied to Pre-CU and Pre-NGE, then lied to again to implement the NGE, and now again to shut down SWG (after being told they would run alongside each other), to make way for the new shiny, well, that's about all I can stand. Looking back at all those other "lies" it's getting more and more clear that it's mostly been LA that's been pulling those strings rather than SOE during all those "necessary changes" to game play.

In any case, if I do decide to make a pitstop to TOR, it's going to be well after release, to at least not give LA the satisfaction of having to count my subscription as part of their opening tally count for bragging. Not that mine or any of the other remaining SWG players might make a huge difference, but on principle, shutting down a completely good game (and SWG HAS become much better over the years, to include - proper atmospheric flight as seen at the last Fan Fair) to feed the latest "cartoon network space and ground on rails" new shiny for all the boys... I'd like to say boys and girls, but unless a LOT of tomboys or over zealous girls are out there playing, the new game is geared more towards the male gender under 18yo.

Don't get me wrong, I've been watching and was excited for TOR for the past 3 almost 4 years... ever since it was announced that they were making it. But as time passed, little things have slowly corroded that excitement. I DO wish BioWare the best of luck on this venture though. They're a great game builder, and a good company overall.

To be fair, I want to thank SOE and yes, LA too, for supplying us all with the great game of SWG that we have today. The experience of such a sandbox is almost a once in a lifetime thing. I'll be there to the very end, however that might be as far as my time goes for any LA product in the future. Also, good luck to all those continuing on to the new shiny.

May the force be with you...
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