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Whats NOT in The Old Republic...

We know what we are getting from The Old Republic, but what aren't we getting?
I assume a lot of people playing this game wont have played an MMO before or at least not from Launch, I knew it wasn't a sandbox, and would be something new, but even I was surprised at some of the things not included (Although many of these may well be implemented after launch as they are kinda of secondary importance Launch wise)

I didn't compile this list, I just found it in the massive amount of Threads on the Official site

So far:
  • Swimming (1)
  • Third party addons (2)
  • Minigames like Pazaak, Sabac or Holo-chess (3)
  • Dual spec (4)
  • Day/night cycles
  • Non humanoid based playable races
  • Multiplayer space content
  • 3d space combat
  • Choice of space ship chassis
  • Decoration mechanic for personal ships (5)
  • Pod & Swoop racing
  • Player bounties
  • Companions in Warzones (Well tbh I like this one)
  • Animal based pet classes
  • Resources for crafting does not have quality (6)
  • Guild leveling system (cf WAR) (7)
  • Animal mounts (8)
  • Flying mounts (10)
  • Large (20vs20 - or more) multiplayer PvP Warzones (9)
  • PvP Arenas
  • Collision detection between characters
  • [new] Macros (16)
  • Barber / Image Designer (11)
  • Appearance tabs (12)
  • Fishing (13)
  • [new] Guild "Tabard" (14)
  • [new] Multiplayer mounts (15)
  • [new] Racial Abilities

What else (not confirmed):
  • Gear Dyes?
  • Planetary housing?
  • Display pets?

==> Finally in <==
  • Companions body customization. (Skin color, hair style and more)
  • AC to AC respecs

Show spoiler

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