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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
And we damn well won't change our constitution because of one incident ( as an example, a facebook page intended to gather support for it ended up with 80% voting against introducing the death penalty). Hopefully, we won't change our society at all, and I'll still ocasionally see the PM riding his bike to work.
This is how I wish every society would work. I’m so tired of American politics only getting anything done based on reactionism. When something like this happens in America one side of the isle wants to ban all guns and the other side wants to arm everyone. Neither side thinks out how their reactionism will affect normal law abiding citizens. They don’t seem to care about some Americans that still make ends meet by hunting for their meat or about the over budget education system having to meet the increase cost of liability coverage brought on by arming the teachers and/or the students. The way they react it only seems their ill-conceived, reactionary laws only punish the average citizens and do little or nothing to prevent this type of tragedy.

Not that laws would prevent something like this tragedy from happening, but politicians can’t seem to admit that fact at least publically. So the rest of us end up sacrificing our personal freedoms in the name of a percieved security increase.
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