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There is a "force speed." It's called "dash" and I'm assuming that your game has it. I don't have the manual for the Mac game, so you're going to have to look up which button to push yourself. Didn't I tell you this already on the original thread? This thread should be deleted as a duplicate. In my manual for Xbox, it's described under the heading "Dash and Evade" in the section "Combat Actions." So jump up in the air and *press the dash button.*

If the Mac game doesn't have dash then I can't help you, but I don't understand why it wouldn't. It's a basic part of the game that they teach you early on.

Edit: According to the PC manual, which I found online, the SHIFT button is force dash. So assuming the Mac controls are the same, what you have to do is run towards the end of the bridge, double-tap the spacebar and then tap and release shift while you're in midair.

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