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"No harm in asking. To answer your question, the admiral has met both me and Matton but not Kaillian. I was thinking of asking her down for dinner along with you two. Don't worry I'm not trying anything but I think it might soften her up...just a smidge."

"That's not a bad idea." Alriana said thoughtfully. "And to be honest, I think that it would soften her up more then just a smidge. The Admiral doesn't have any children herself as far as I know."

Alriana looked down at the floor and then looked back up at Jun-la. "I was actually hoping that you would allow me to make my big announcement in your cabin if the Admiral comes by."

Feeling better, love?

Alriana smiled as she heard Tavaryn's voice in her head. Much better, yes. She sent back. We may be joining Jun-la and Matton after my shift is done.

"I surmise that you have information that would help the resistance. Am I correct Admiral?"

Belina turned back towards the others and turned her comnlink off. "You are correct. In fact I just recieved a message that we may have found something important. If you want, I can have the contents of the data transmitted down here right now."
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